Ever wondered if you’ve made a huge mistake in accepting a position. Learn more in Millennial to Millionaire: “Quit Your Job on the First Day”

Millennial to Millionaire, a funny and engaging series about the struggles of going from mediocre millennial to powerful professional… IN 200 WORDS OR LESS! Click here for more.


Amateur blogger, Ellen Falltrick, first decided to share her odd jokes, inquisitions, dry humor and average writing skills after making the choice to live for 20 days, as a busy millennial, without a phone.

She faced many trials and tribulations, learned a few lessons and, overall, found a passion for asking uncomfortable questions in the form of sarcastic blogging.

Although “A millennial without her phone” is over, Falltrick’s passion for thinking outside of the box is not.

As this trying millennial attempts to transform into a powerful influencer, she sums up exciting, business-related research in an easy, 200-words-or-less, weekly post in the professional series, “Millennial to Millionaire.

Of course, her writing is sprinkled with a bit about her own screw-ups, successes and experiences in an ever-sarcastic and comedic style.

If you’re interested in reading semi-average material about decently engaging information in 200 words or less, you’ve come to the right place.

But seriously, find a hobby.


(Photo by Jessica Bartlett)

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