Ellen 3

Amateur blogger, Ellen Falltrick, first decided to share her mediocre jokes, inquisitions, dry humor and average writing skills after making the choice to live, indefinitely, as a busy millennial, without a phone.

After accidentally throwing her treasured iphone in the same toilet in which she had just urinated, Ellen realized that her dependence on that small, stylish, electronic had reached an unhealthy level.

After 20 days of living life as a very busy millennial without a phone, Ellen faced many trials and tribulations, learned a few lessons and, overall, found a passion for asking uncomfortable questions in the form of sarcastic blogging.

Although “A millennial without her phone” is over, Ellen continues to write about every day problems in a series titled, “Just millennial things.”

If you’re interested in reading average material about decently engaging stories, you’ve come to the right place.

But seriously, find a hobby.

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