Day #2 AMWHP: Alarms, phone calls, and potential muggings

I have to say, I think this is going fairly well. I feel like an evolved hipster. That is, until I remember that the reason I don't have a cellphone isn't for superior, wisdom-heavy reasons, but purely for the fact that I PEED ON MINE. I do feel like I'm cheating though. I have a … Continue reading Day #2 AMWHP: Alarms, phone calls, and potential muggings

Day #1 AMWHP: “Fuck”

What a peaceful morning. I woke up from a deeper sleep than my usual "slight dozing," backwards spooning this the guy I call my boyfriend, the sun gently shining on my face, only the smallest scent of sweat, and *wipes face* hey! No drool! "How's your phone?" Oh, yeah. Shit. There was the usual hesitant … Continue reading Day #1 AMWHP: “Fuck”

A millennial without her phone

We've all heard the talk about millennials and their phones. Millennials and their phones. Millennials are their phones. Millennials are phones. So, what happens when a millennial throws her phone in the toilet, urinates over its stylish design, and realizes, all too late, that the next few days (or however long it takes to pay … Continue reading A millennial without her phone