Day #3 AMWHP: “Why?”


That is the question I’ve heard most during the last 3 days.

“Why? Why don’t you have a phone?”

“Why? Why don’t you buy a new one?”

And, my favorite:

“Why? Why did you throw your phone in the toilet?”

Because I’m a masochist, obviously. *rolls eyes*

I don’t mind that you ask, “why?” In fact, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to shove my opinions in your face while simultaneously recieving the attention every 20-something-year-old college kid desires.

So, go ahead. Ask, “why?”

No? We’ll just pretend that you did. “Why,” you ask?

Here’s why:

I threw my phone in the toilet on Monday night (in case you’re still wondering ‘why’ I did this; believe me, it was not planned).

For the next day, Tuesday, I had formed a busy schedule.

Tuesday would include school and work until 5pm, with an evening dedicated to

  • a date
  • the ice cream patiently waiting in my freezer
  • the time I would need to spend curled up in a ball after eating that ice cream (lactose intolerant, remember?)
  • two homework assignments, due by midnight

That was the plan.

Then, I dropped my phone in the toilet.

After repeating the word, “no,” countless times, my immediate thought was to rush to the nearest Apple Store (2 hours away) tomorrow, Tuesday.

Tuesday? But I already had plans for Tuesday.

Not anymore.

And that’s when it hit me.

As quickly as the flip of a switch, I was willing to drop all of my plans for Tuesday.

I threw away my Tuesday plans like they were garbage.

Dirty, sticky, will-make-you-smell-funny-for-the-rest-of-the-day-if-you-hold-it, garbage.

Ice cream may be sticky (and what happens after I eat it may make me smell funny for the rest of the day), but it is certainly not garbage.

And, for what?

God forbid, I don’t have a phone glued to my palm for more than 18 hours in a row.

Thus, “A millenial without her phone” was born.

So, my friends, if you still don’t understand “why” I – a ridiculously busy woman with a sneaky cellphone addiction – have chosen to be “a millennial without her phone”…

…maybe you should try being a millennial without your phone, too.

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