Well, folks, it's time. After a weirdly fun and complicated 20-day run, it's time to break the news to all of you (or my 3 or so readers) that I have purchased a new phone. I mentioned in my first post, "A millennial without her phone," that I would buy a new phone when my credit … Continue reading Day #20 AMWHP: “RETURN OF THE PHONE”


"What's the point of my writing?" I'm glad you asked. Well, certainly, I do not write because I'm some kind of courageous and ambitious millennial that wants to share her story with the world and make a change. Of course not. *eye roll* As great as that sounds; I'll be honest, the "courageous," "ambitious," and … Continue reading Day #16 AMWHP: “THAT MAKES ME NERVOUS”

Day #15 AMWHP: “Porcelain Murder Chamber”

Apparently, I've developed a new hobby. (See? If I can do it, so can you.) As many of you know, "A millennial without her phone" all started when I accidentally threw my perfectly good iphone in the toilet right after I had used it. The toilet, that is. I went through the motions: gasping, denial, … Continue reading Day #15 AMWHP: “Porcelain Murder Chamber”

Day #9 AMWHP: “Crazy topics”

Ready for today's invigorating topic? Today's topic is: No topic. But, don't stop reading. It gets good, I swear. As an amateur blogger, I don't have the intellect or wisdom to preach to you the philosophical facts of the day. Nor do I have the patience to write novels about my thoughts on various controversies, conspiracies, … Continue reading Day #9 AMWHP: “Crazy topics”

Day #8 AMWHP: “Oh, you’re the girl…”

A cool thing happened today. Depending on your definition of "cool," that is. (Yes, more word play. It's all I do). If your definition of "cool" is: "of or at a fairly low temperature..." ... Then you just googled that and found it on wikipedia. Yeah. I see you. Anyway, when I say "cool," I'm … Continue reading Day #8 AMWHP: “Oh, you’re the girl…”

Day #7 AMWHP: “Road-trip”

Day #7? But, it was just Day #3? Well, I like to have a weekend, too. Don't be selfish. Speaking of weekends... What's a weekend like without a phone? It's probably not that exciting as long as you stay at home, right? But, what if you decide to travel? Well, folks, this phone-less millennial took a small … Continue reading Day #7 AMWHP: “Road-trip”