Day #7 AMWHP: “Road-trip”

Day #7? But, it was just Day #3? Well, I like to have a weekend, too. Don’t be selfish.

Speaking of weekends…

What’s a weekend like without a phone? It’s probably not that exciting as long as you stay at home, right?

But, what if you decide to travel?

Well, folks, this phone-less millennial took a small road trip this weekend and I have to say, it was tricky.

First, let’s talk about what a road trip requires:

  • Music
  • Money
  • Gas

Yes, there are snacks, maps, driving games, and many more “road-trip desirables,” but we’re talking “needs.” First-world, survival-based “needs.”

We’ll start with “music.”

I nearly shunned “music” to the list of meager “road-trip desirables,” however, I now know that I was wrong.

Music is a genuine, necessary-for-sanity, physiologically imperative, straight-up, need.

I am an avid Spotify user and premium member.



See? Told ya.

I knew road-tripping without Spotify would be hard, but if I had known the amount of times I would hear Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like” on the radio, I honestly may have never left home.

If there is one factor that motivates me to buy a phone and throw this experiment, “A millennial without her phone,” to the wayside, it’s a lack of Spotify.

Next stop (pun intended) on the needs list: “money & gas.”

Like most college kids my age, I’m broke.

Keep in mind that when I say “broke,” I mean as in:

  • “I have to pick up a couple more shifts at the restaurant this month so I can afford rent.”
  • “A bottle of water is THREE dollars?”
  • “Venmo me!”
  • “We can’t split tickets?”
  • “To Uber home or walk? I’ll walk.”

Ya feel?

As a “broke” college student on a road trip, it’s important that I frequently check my online bank account summary to make sure I can afford things like…. Oh, I dunno… gas?

Usually, my debit card is just a plastic decoration, living in the polyester pockets of my wallet, there to both mock me and beautify its environment.

Sometimes, however, that same debit card can actually be used to avoid racking up credit card debt.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if you’re card is worthy of use or merely wallet decor when your mobile banking app is resting, quietly, back at home, in your lifeless, stinky, useless iphone.

I needed mobile banking to know my options.

I needed my iphone to know if I had enough money in my account to buy gas.

Risk it?

Ha. No.

Whaddup, debt.

I gingerly swiped my credit card at the gas pump and continued on my way.


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