Day #8 AMWHP: “Oh, you’re the girl…”

A cool thing happened today.

Depending on your definition of “cool,” that is. (Yes, more word play. It’s all I do).

If your definition of “cool” is: “of or at a fairly low temperature…”

… Then you just googled that and found it on wikipedia.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.36.22 PM.png

Yeah. I see you.

Anyway, when I say “cool,” I’m not talking about temperature.

I’m not even talking about something “fashionably attractive or impressive.”

When I say, “a cool thing happened today,” what I actually mean is:

“A somewhat interesting and potential-topic-of-coversation thing happened today.”

So we’re on the same page about “cool,” yeah?


So, a cool thing happened today.

After leaving one of my classes today, I met with my hall-friends in (you guessed it) the hall, shot the shit, expressed my pure, unadulterated loathing for the class in which I was just sitting, and proceeded to walk to my next lab of torture.

Then the “cool” thing happened.

Someone saw me in the hall and said, “Hey! Oh, you’re the girl without a phone.”

I’ve met this guy maybe once or twice.

He knows about my urine phone.

He knows about my blog.

That’s cool.


(photography by Rebecca Stern – @_beccaruth)


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