Day #9 AMWHP: “Crazy topics”

Ready for today’s invigorating topic?

Today’s topic is: No topic.

But, don’t stop reading. It gets good, I swear.

As an amateur blogger, I don’t have the intellect or wisdom to preach to you the philosophical facts of the day.

Nor do I have the patience to write novels about my thoughts on various controversies, conspiracies, constitutions or any other “c” words.

I’m just not that fancy.

So, what do I normally do?

Being the amateur, naive, undereducated blogger that I am, I typically pick the most ironic, funny, sarcastic, somewhat disturbing part of my day and relay it in a dry, colloquial tone to my readers.

(Look at me, optimistically using plurality: “readers“).

Of course, these ironic, funny, sarcastic, somewhat disturbing parts of my day are only written about when they pertain to my current labor of love, “A millennial without her phone.”

So what happens when I have a good day?

Is it so crazy to think that I could have a good day without an iphone?

A good day that doesn’t involve me struggling to survive without my favorite, fragile, electronic friend?

Am I crazy for doing this?

And, more importantly, is it crazy if I like it?

And that’s when it clicked.

This is normal.

Not having a phone? That’s how it’s always been.

Up until recently, people lived their entire lives without a phone following behind them like a lost, relied-upon, puppy.

And yet, this somehow feels so new?

So new, in fact, that in an earlier post, I actually referred to AMWHP as a “social experiment.”

Like this is some crazy, scientific expedition into the unknown.

I’m not the first (and I hope that I am not the last) to realize that life without an iphone is NOT as crazy as it seems.

Technology is our reality, yes.

But, it does not have to be our mindset.

So – sorry, folks! There’s no topic today.

Iphone or not, today was crazy good.

And if you think I’m crazy for thinking so, then might you be crazy for reading?


(artwork by Walee –




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