Well, folks, it’s time.

After a weirdly fun and complicated 20-day run, it’s time to break the news to all of you (or my 3 or so readers) that I have purchased a new phone.

I mentioned in my first post, “A millennial without her phone,” that I would buy a new phone when my credit card was paid off.

Rest assured, that has not happened.

Instead, I’ve decided to re-enter the world of phones for other reasons.

The first reason is overall convenience.

I hate to be “that person,” but going through life as a busy millennial with a full plate is not easy when you:

  • Always have to ask people for the time’
    • (If you don’t have a hobby and you want to argue that I could have gotten a watch, then you’re missing the point but yeah. Nice work, genius.)
  • Can’t block out the world with Spotfiy for frequent self-therapy
  • Are unable to contact your iphone-less parents on imessenger
  • Have recruiters trying “give ya a call” for potential job opportunities
  • Work at a publicity office where a phone is a requirement
  • Never wake up on time because you don’t have an alarm
    • (Refer to parenthesis in bullet #1 if you have questions about this).

But I won’t inundate you with my sob story. If you’ve been reading (you need a hobby), you know the struggles that come along with life without a phone.

So here comes the real shit:

The second reason is the big one: awareness.

When I first peed on my phone and started AMWHP, this project was just for me.

AMWHP was a way I could test myself and push to my own limits to see what I could accomplish without a piece of technology molded to my hand.

AMWHP gave me not only the strength to live untethered, but the know-how that a life without a phone IS POSSIBLE.

Hard, yes. But, possible? Absolutely.

I not only learned my addiction to my iphone, but FELT it, first-hand.

They say (whoever, the infamous “they” are), that “you don’t know what you have ’till you lose it.”

I didn’t know what I had – the disease, the dependence, the utter addiction I had – until I lost it. Until I was forced to go without.

And it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I implore each and every one of you (again, my 2 or 3 readers) to challenge yourselves.

The next time you pee on YOUR phone (or throw it down a storm drain, or leave it at a party), I dare you to go without.

I dare you to wait a few days, a week, even a month.

I dare you to approach your addiction, head-on, and to take the time necessary to wean yourself of the system.

Then, when you go back to having a phone, it’ll be by choice rather than need.

I dare you to wake up.

I dare you to try “A millennial without their phone.”


(photography by Rebecca Stern – @_beccaruth)

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