This has been a journey (to say the least).

Those that have been reading have seen the funny, the awkward, the real, the scary, and everything in between.

However, I have been holding out on you a little. It’s time for me to name some of my favorite, untold moments:

“The Couch”

Due to not having an alarm, I would constantly act in an overly-clingy manner towards my boyfriend.


I had high hopes that he would let me stay over (and I could secretly rely on his alarm).

When my presence wasn’t allowed, I would stay at my best friend’s house and sleep on his couch.

It wasn’t the comfiest place to knock out, but I picked it so that I could hear his alarm in the morning and get up on time for school.

I think he knew that I was using him for his alarm (this is yet to be determined), but I didn’t care. When you’re worried about not making it to class, you tend to become slightly less ethical.


“The Book”

After spending the majority of my existence with a phone in my hand, it felt very strange having nothing to hold at all.

For the first few days, I would feel the constant panic of, “Oh shit! Where’s my phone?!”

I quickly became tired of the anxiety that came with not having something to constantly hold  and began looking for a solution.

The cure?

A book.

I carried a book in my hand for the remainder of my days as AMWHP. In some cases, I would even read the book while walking; carefully flipping through the pages, with the type close to my face, the way people walk around with their noses in their phones. 

Other than a few accidental collisions with other pedestrians, the book worked well. 


“The Buddy System”

I’d like to preface this by asking that you don’t write me off as a fake friend. At least, not right away.

I’ll be honest that self preservation was my main motive for “the buddy system,” but my actions were not all selfishly motivated.

In order to keep track of my various appointments, I would purposefully spend time with people that were an integral part of my schedule. I knew that if I stuck with them, I would inadvertently make it to my classes, meetings and group projects on time.

They may have noticed my sudden friendliness (this is also yet to be determined) but no one questioned my eagerness.

And, as it turns out, my manipulation did have a positive result: I turned a few acquaintances into close friends. 

So, there. Look at me making a difference. 


Other interesting moments include:

Printing out pages from mapquest, increased punctuality, hand-written grocery lists, asking people for the time on a constant basis, a sense of a complete lack of responsibility, a few missed meetings and, of course, early mornings at the library to work on my blog.

Hey, it may have been difficult, but as I always say about the unsettling:

“It’ll make a great story.”

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