Millennial to millionaire: The 6 hour work day

How many hours a day do the most productive employees work?



12 maybe?

Try splitting that in half.

(Ready for your mind to be blown?)

The most productive nations have the shortest work days.

To get more specific, the “optimal” work day lasts 6 hours.

That’s 30 hours a week.

Sounds great, right?

So – let me guess – you’re wondering how this works?

The 7th most productive country using the 6 hour work day, Sweden, funded an experiment designed to observe nurses in a retirement home to discover the benefits of a reduced work day.

The results?

On the 6 hour plan, employees tend to:

  1. Get sick less often
  2. Manage stress better
  3. Show increased work ethic

Most of us aren’t in the position to change the culture of our work environments, but if you’re ever asked to create a positive change in your workplace, you’ll know what to do.

For now, we’ll just have to take slightly longer lunch breaks.



Referenced from:

Greenfield, Rebecca. “The six-Hour work day increases productivity. So will Britain and America adopt one?” The Independent, Independent Digital News and Media, 6 June 2016, Accessed 27 Sept. 2017.

Illustration from:

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