Millennial to millionaire: What kind of salesperson are you? Pt. 1


You’re a salesperson.

I’ll bet my last dollar (I’m not a millionaire yet) that you’ve had to sell yourself at least once.

“Selling yourself”:

  • Interviewing
  • Dating
  • Flirting with the barista to get free coffee (wait, what?)

Told ya.

But, what kind of seller are you? According to The Challenger Sale, there are 5 seller profiles:

Relationship Builders – Meet Mary.

Mary is the customer’s representative and their friend.

Reactive Problem Solvers – Meet Clay.

Clay’s business card is right there in your wallet next to AAA. From the customer’s view, Clay is their rock.

Hard Workers – Meet Daniel.

We’re pretty sure Daniel lives at the office. He always shows up early, is the last to leave, and definitely leads the office in sales calls per week.

Lone Wolves – Meet Steve.

Steve has a style and sticks to it. He is confident and he’ll break the rules if that’s what it takes to reach his goals. It’s Steve’s way or the highway.

Challengers – Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca is an advocate of the expression, “work smarter, not harder.” Instead being a resource for her client, Rebecca serves as an expert.

Which are you?

And, more importantly, which seller profile should you be?

Don’t miss next Monday’s “Part 2” to find out.



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Illustration from Odyssey.

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