Millennial to Millionaire: How to dine with your boss

Have you ever gone out to eat with your boss? Or more importantly, someone who you want to be your boss?

There are 3 things you need to know before you grub with your current or future employer. For our purposes, let’s call him Dave.


1. The meal starts before the food arrives.

Chief executive of A&E Television, Abbie Raven, mentioned in Forbes that Dave will first watch how you walk into the restaurant.

That’s right, how you walk. 

To be clear, Dave is really looking for how you greet the waitress and the way you respect those around you.

Pro Tip: Just get to the restaurant before Dave.


2. The menu.

Ordering easy-to-eat food is a must, however, don’t flaunt your indecisiveness while picking the perfect entree.

Dave doesn’t want to watch you drool over the menu.

If possible, research the menu beforehand so that you can impress Dave with your quick decision making.


3. To drink or not to drink?

If Dave orders a beer, you may order a beer.

If Dave orders a beer, you may not order 3 shots of tequila.


Go get ’em, tiger.


Referenced from:

Rosenthal, Bill. “How To Ace A Job Interview Meal.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 11 July 2012,

Photo from:

Mallen Baker’s Respectful Business Blog





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