Millennial to Millionaire: 3 Ways to Own the Elevator Pitch

The famous elevator pitch.

It has transformed the basic introduction into a strategic advantage, showing people who you are in about 60 seconds – You know, the time it takes to ride the elevator with your future employer.

However, its not enough to have an elevator pitch.

You’ve got to own it.

Are you expecting a super handy instructional list, now?

1. Write it down

Put pen to paper with every experience, accomplishment and challenge that has shaped you, whether its positive, negative, personal or professional.

2. Find your word

Look for the theme and pick a word – your word – to encompass it. What is the one commonality behind your many experiences? Perhaps, you have the tendency to overcome obstacles. In that case, your word might be “persistence.

3. Relate it

Your future employer may not care that you’re persistent unless you show them why it matters to them. Tell a story. Show how that quality correlates to the position you want.

Yes, your elevator pitch is all about you, but if it ever leaves the privacy of your shower, it has to relate.

It really is as easy as one, two, three.



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