BITCOINS: Today’s Media Exploring & Exploiting This Trending Topic (Pt. 2)

Greys Anatomy:  In another Bitcom-related blast, a hostage drama unfolded on a different, more dramatic program. The medical staff on this show was taken over by hackers who disabled their in-house, computerized medical system. Online pirates demanded a ransom payable only in Bitcoin in order to release control back to the staff inside this imaginary healthcare facility.
Here’s where it got weird: The ransom demanded payment to the said hijackers as an amount at just under 5,000 (in Bitcoin). The doctors seemed confused and even the Chief of Staff offered to pay 5,000 out-of-pocket without realizing at the current rate of exchange, the USD amount translated into around $55 million and not a mere $5K to be paid from one of these wealthy practitioners.
Chicago Med: On another network’s medical drama, they also recently showcased an instance where internet hackers hijacked one of these dramatic medical practices in a fictional hospital setting. In this case, one of the doctors did step up and pay the entire amount which was closer to $10 million dollars … must be nice to write a check for this amount to save lives.
 For more on Bitcoin news and hackers, see Part Three.
By guest writer: D.J. Sartell

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