BITCOINS: Today’s Media Exploring & Exploiting This Trending Topic (Pt. 3)

Unbeknownst to most of us, other examples like these are “flying under the radar.” Big businesses and global, multi-million dollar industries are quickly and quietly paying off these “kidnappers of cyber control.”
The bottom line, for most of today’s real-life business executives is the fact it’s much cheaper, easier, faster and less complicated to simply shut down these cyber terrorists by paying them off immediately, quickly and quietly. For the most part, these dark web pirates are asking smaller amounts of untraceable Bitcoins and they move on to their next target.
Hmm. Very interesting
REAL NEWS: Is A Possible Paypal and Bitcoin Merger Happening (reality versus fiction)? Think about Paypal, one of the most widely used and accepted forms of online payment and currency widely accepted on the internet today. But more than a decade ago, this was an unheard of way to utilize currency in order to purchase items on the world-wide-web.
Recent headlines are hinting that Paypal “may” begin to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in the future, but it brings up so many unanswered questions. It could change the whole course of cyber currency in the future, especially if there’s a buyout from Paypal.
By guest artist: D.J. Sartell 

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