Millennial to Millionaire: What the hell is a Bitcoin?

GUEST POST: Bitcoins Getting Free Press On Hit TV Shows Like “The Big Bang Theory”
By: D.J. Sartell
I’m excited to share my first guest post about a recent trending topic – Bitcoins. This was the primetime subject matter during a recent episode of “The Big Bang Theory” that got a great deal of attention in driving this topic home to a larger viewing audience:
BITCOINS: Today’s Media Exploring & Exploiting This Trending Topic (Part One in a Series):
Without going into a lengthy (very boring) explanation of how the whole Bitcoin scenario actually works, the most recent airing of  “The Big Bang Theory” actually did a very practical job of explaining this confusing concept to the general public in a short time span.
Let’s note at this bizarre, backdoor form of publicity and recognition that Bitcoins have been generating lately. Before appearing on this particular, hugely popular, highly-rated TV show (arguably one of the most-watched television programs airing on television today), you may have seen this questionable form of online cyber currency raising some eyebrows and interest on these other popular programs.
The best thing these “boys” (actually the writers) did was explain a complicated matter in just a few sentences of their opening dialogue.  In turn, Bitcoins got a huge blast from this uber popular show with an enormous audience. Can you say priceless, free press and publicity?
See Part Two for more TV shows talking about this topic!


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