Millennial to Millionaire: Bitcoin 101

Did last week’s guest post on Bitcoin get your heart racing?


But hey, we don’t judge here.

For the more curious potential coin collectors, here’s a little more info that wasn’t shared in Millennial to Millionaire: What the hell is a Bitcoin?:

Mining: Finding this form of questionable online currency is best left to professionals and not for those with little or no knowledge of complicated computing endeavors.

Supplies: There are no picks and shovels used to play in this virtual minefield. A typical, initial investment includes purchasing expensive hardware, acquiring software, an insane amount of time, energy (literally budget breaking amounts of electricity), determination and dedication.

Sharing: It is crucial to join others in order to ever possibly get a reward for the time spent and investment given while mining for Bitcoin. 

Really Risky: Briefly highlighted on the Big Bang Theory, a part of the whole Bitcoin process itself involves a huge amount of risk, unexpected losses, potential problems and/or tremendous complications that are not fully explained.

Thinking about getting involved in Bitcoin? We’ll just watch you from the sidelines for now, but good luck!

— Guest post by: D.J. Sartell
Illustration from: view website.

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