Millennial to Millionaire: The Bad Eggs (Givers & Takers Pt. 2)

If you read Millennial to Millionaire’s last post, then you know the Takers have to go.

Just as you wouldn’t use a dozen of broken eggs, 11 good eggs covered in the sticky yolk of the broken 12th still won’t do.

How do you weed out the bad eggs before they spill their sticky negativity on the Givers?

Encourage Learning

To be a good Giver, one must also be a good receiver.

Ask for help!

If no one asks for help, no one can practice being a Giver.

Know The Types

Adam Grant’s Ted Talk shows the 4 types of Givers and Takers:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.03.15 AM.png

The Disagreeable Givers (like Dr. House) are just as important as the Agreeable Givers, but look out for “fakers” (Stewy) and the obviously manipulative (Darth Sidious).

Be Picky

What is the best way to weed out a Taker?

Ask them a simple question:

“Can you give me the names of four people you have fundamentally improved?”

Givers will name people of lesser authority because they give for the sake of giving.

Takers will name people of higher authority because they give to those from whom they’d most like to take.


Choose wisely.





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