Just millennial things: “LaVar Ball – ‘Stay in yo lane'”

There are many things that can be said about millennials. Some of these things are both good and bad. Some say that millennials are selfish and uncoachable. Others say that they are innovative and skilled. There does, however, seem to be one consensus: Millennials are one of the most open-minded and inclusive generations. Go us! … Continue reading Just millennial things: “LaVar Ball – ‘Stay in yo lane'”

Just millennial things: “Impulses”

I don't think ya'll realize the influence of social media. (Excuse my sudden Texas accent) But, seriously. How many of you read "Just millennial things: 'Broke'"? Yeah, yeah. I know you all did. All of you. (Serious, sarcastic emphasis on the word "all.") That's okay, I forgive you. But, if you did read "Just millennial … Continue reading Just millennial things: “Impulses”

Female Authors Aren’t Funny (And Other Lies You May Have Heard) by Betsy Bird

This is amazing (and funny!)
A hard combo to come by these days.

Nerdy Book Club

I poll children for fun and profit.  That makes it sound worse than it is, though, so I’ll endeavor to explain.

Our story begins when I was an innocent children’s librarian working the desk at one of the lovely branches of New York Public Library.  The kids that walked through my doors were smart cookies.  Keen on the latest trends and sometimes daring me with their requests (example: “I’ve read ALL the fantasy novels” – followed by a pointed stare).  And one particular request raised its lovely little head time and time again.  A kid would come to the desk and just say, “I want something funny”.  Challenge accepted!!  But it didn’t take me long to figure out that the easy go-to titles were too often written by men.  Your Diary of a Wimpy Kids.  Your Origami Yodas.  Even collections like the Guys Read: Funny Business just has a…

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Well, folks, it's time. After a weirdly fun and complicated 20-day run, it's time to break the news to all of you (or my 3 or so readers) that I have purchased a new phone. I mentioned in my first post, "A millennial without her phone," that I would buy a new phone when my credit … Continue reading Day #20 AMWHP: “RETURN OF THE PHONE”


"What's the point of my writing?" I'm glad you asked. Well, certainly, I do not write because I'm some kind of courageous and ambitious millennial that wants to share her story with the world and make a change. Of course not. *eye roll* As great as that sounds; I'll be honest, the "courageous," "ambitious," and … Continue reading Day #16 AMWHP: “THAT MAKES ME NERVOUS”

Day #15 AMWHP: “Porcelain Murder Chamber”

Apparently, I've developed a new hobby. (See? If I can do it, so can you.) As many of you know, "A millennial without her phone" all started when I accidentally threw my perfectly good iphone in the toilet right after I had used it. The toilet, that is. I went through the motions: gasping, denial, … Continue reading Day #15 AMWHP: “Porcelain Murder Chamber”